We’re passionate about people and user experience

Good user experience is critical to a product’s effortless and intuitive use. Today’s mobile apps and software rely upon copy, texts, and images that educate and are informative, which can be challenging to produce.

At UX Writing Institute, our instructors are committed to showing learners to create a better user experience. Combined with passion, our curricula focus on case studies and best practices that would provide learners with the much-needed skills to enter and excel in this field.

What UX writers actually do

UX writers use words strategically to help users better understand the tasks involved in using software or an app. In UK and Australia, they’re also called content designers. And they work within the parameters of content strategy.

Since users rely on software and apps to perform essential tasks, good content design and UX writing are crucial. Any below-standard performance would create unnecessary difficulties, which would reflect negatively on the product.

Due to the high expectation of simplifying using an app or software, the demand for competent UX writers is skyrocketing. Businesses need writers who are well-versed in user-centered functionality, content-first designs, data analytics, and tested best practices.

what ux writers actually do
Creating UX content

How we help with the increasing demand for UX writers, content strategists, and content designers

We have 20 years of combined valuable experiences in the industry shared through online courses to help you become professional UX writers, content strategists, chatbot writers, and conversation designers with the skills necessary to succeed. Our online courses, ebooks, and blog articles have been specially developed to help UX writing learners excel regardless of their proficiency.

Our course designers and instructors have worked for various UX, writing, and curriculum development projects in international companies.

Who our students are

Our students come from various backgrounds, such as designers, writers, journalists, solo entrepreneurs, agency owners, freelancers, programmers, and business owners worldwide.

They’re both newbies and seasoned professionals in the UX/UI and product design field.


UX Writing Online School

Why good UX writing is important

Philosophically speaking, UX writers work on behalf of their users. They’re the users’ earliest advocates. When something is unclear, they will stand up to revise, edit, rewrite and redesign to communicate the message clearly and efficiently.

Thus, UX writers are directly related to the success or failure of a product. Our well-developed and affordable UX writing courses would be critical to your business.

Our Team

UX Writing Institute was founded by a team of course designers, UX writers, content designers, chatbot writers, content strategists, conversation designers, and product managers with two decades of combined experience.

Our team has worked on various UX, writing, and curriculum development projects for international companies in full-time, part-time, contract, and freelance capacities.

UX Writing Institute is a part of California Applied University, LLC.


Jennifer Xue, MBA, MSEd, MA
Founder & Lead Trainer

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